Hiya! My name is Femi Omotosho, I was born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in the vibrant city of Lagos, Nigeria. I currently live in Atlanta, Georgia with my husband “B” who is also the unofficial food critic and photographer for my blog. I am a self taught cook which means I am constantly learning and experimenting in my kitchen; I am on a mission to create flavorful, healthy and exciting dishes. Being active and healthy is important to me so I try to cook foods that enhance an active lifestyle. THIS IS NOT A DIET FOOD BLOG; I eat anything I want and subscribe to the Oscar Wilde way of life  meaning “Everything in moderation, including moderation”

Munchmoda is a mash up of the words: Munch is slang for eat and Moda means style, this is where I get to develop my very own culinary style. My background and experiences have allowed me to try different dishes from difference cultures, because of this I would say my cooking leans more towards eclectic. In here you will find a medley of dishes from everyday to exotic. I believe in using fresh ingredients and do my best to keep my dishes as simple as possible so I dont compromise the taste of the ingredients.

This blog exists  because I love to cook and I love to entertain and I am very excited to create my own cooking traditions. Welcome to my culinary adventure.