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I am making wild yeast! I am learning to bake bread the simple and natural way – with no more than 5 ingredients. The main focus right now is my sourdough starter. I combined 1 cup of flour and 1.5 cups or water to create my mix. I used all purpose flour because that is what I have at home and I don’t want to waste any money buying expensive flour to experiment with. Here is how it progressed.

Day 1: The first batch was mixed at 6 am and covered with a linen napkin. I checked it after work the same day and a bit of water had pooled on the surface, I added 2 tbsp of flour and mixed vigorously with a fork to incorporate. It had no smell, but had thickened a bit.

Day 2: The water had pooled again on the surface but underneath the liquid there were tiny air holes sprinkled across the surface of the starter. It smelled like wet flour. I fed the starter twice – first in the morning and the second time in the evening adding 2 tbsp water and 2 tbsp flour.

Day 3: More bubbles, the water had gone cloudy and the starter had increased in size slightly and was elastic. It was spongy to the touch and had taken on a slight musty sour smell. I continued to feed it twice a day.

Day 4: More water on the surface, more tiny air bubbles and stronger sour smell. I fed it twice.

Day 5: I used a spoon to drain away the water. I fed the starter and added 2 tbsp of fresh water. By evening the batter has increased in size. no more water on the surface. I fed it again.

The first 5 days, progress was slow – B insists on keeping the house at cool temperature any where between 65 to 73 degrees Fahrenheit,  from all that I have read and watched and listened to regarding yeast, it needs warm temperature to develop. The cold was retarding its growth. So I wrapped up my glass jar in a linen napkin and placed it in a cloth bag to keep it warm and left a bit of space for air to get in.

Day 6 & 7: there were bigger air bubbles and the yeast was thick and elastic. the smell can not be masked any longer. Some how I don’t find it unpleasant.

I am going to feed it for another 7 days to see just how far and I can go. I hope to bake my first loaf of bread on day 14.  This will give me time to thoroughly research recipes and find the cleanest best quality flour I can find. Stay tuned

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